Building floors

Building base screeds are natural floor surfaces in the interior or exterior of buildings made of a resistant layer of concrete.


A base screed of semi-dry mortar (even covering underfloor heating) gives a good planimetric result and adequate porosity for laying and fixing with thicknesses from 4 cm to whatever thickness is needed.


The semi-dry mortar is a normal mortar but with less quantity of water, which gives it a wet soil appearance instead of the normal paste appearance. It is a very loose mortar that can be compacted easily.



  • Apply a screed of semi-dry mortar rich in cement.
  • Level correctly
  • Float

Finally the mortar is smoothed and leaves a perfectly level finish.

The thickness can oscillate between a minimum of 4 cm and a maximum of 20 cm if filling is needed.

This mortar is perfect for laminated floors that among other applications allows the laying of all types of paving such as nano-minerals, parquet, marble, continuous terrazzo, floating floors, PVC, linoleum, resins, self levelling concrete, ceramic paving, slopes for the installation of waterproofing, etc.

Where it is applied:

soleras de edificacion vicadri

Soleras edificacion vicadri

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