A “cleanroom” is a room in which the environment has very low levels of elements that increase pollution, such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles and chemical vapours, etc.

It is normally used for the production of equipment and materials that are sensitive to contamination. They are used in the following industries:



  • Pharmaceutical
  • Microbiological
  • Medical
  • Certain food industries
  • Optical
  • Automobile
  • Aerospace
  • Production of solar panels

Some of the safety systems that are used to avoid that the material being manufactured is contaminated by environmental microorganisms are:

The air that enters the room is sterile having been filtered to eliminate suspended particles and microorganisms and is renewed various times an hour to avoid the accumulation of dust.

The rooms are kept at a slightly higher pressure than the exterior.

The floors and walls are lined with a “continuous sanitary coating” and the corners are rounded to avoid the accumulation of dirt.

The operators should wear special suits so as not to introduce contaminants or dust particles into the room.

CSM Alliance (Cleanroom Suitable Material)

The CSM Industrial Alliance is a group that was created with the objective of establishing the scientific bases for the evaluation of the adequacy of the products used in the making of “cleanrooms”.

This Alliance has developed methods for the standardisation of the products used in “cleanrooms” and undertaken testing to verify their requirements. The standardisation of the testing and classification method is ISO 14644-1. Among the products that fulfil these requirements is a wide range of different covering systems offered and applied by VICADRI.


Application systems for “cleanrooms”

VICADRI, offers a wide range of products for the covering of floors, walls and ceilings that comply with the requirements of the CSM and hence can be used with safety and reliability in “cleanrooms”. These products are the following:

Systems based on transparent epoxy resin to make decorative finishes with coloured aggregates or “chips”

Systems based on epoxy resin to give anti-conductive finishes.

Systems based on epoxy resin to make self-levelling mortars and finishing layers.

Systems based on polyurethane resin to make highly flexible finishes with the capacity to fill cracks

Systems based on epoxy resin to make finishes with very high chemical resistance.

High comfort level flooring systems

Systems using water based epoxy resin for application on walls and ceilings.

The special things about our “cleanroom” floors are:

  • Maximum precision
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Non-magnetic
  • Magnify electrostatic conductivity
  • High capacity for load resistance
  • Economic
  • Long lifespan

All the products used in our work have been extensively tested in quality and safety and comply with the characteristics and specifications reflected in the technical details that are available to our clients.

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